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products, protect your smile.

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Why use a DentaDenta UV Steriliser?

Protects against bacteria

DentaDentas UV technology kills 99% of germs found on your retainer, dentures or mouthguard.

Prevents mould and odour

Daily UV sterilising prevents the build up of mould and bad odour.

Prolongs retainer life

Avoid putting harmful chemicals into your mouth everyday.

Quick, safe and easy to use

All our products have been tested, certified and are designed to cater for your entire mouth piece cleaning needs.

Dirty mouthguards

Looking after your mouth guard can be a right pain, and simply rinsing it might remove large clunks of mud, but it won’t sterilise 99.9% of bacteria. Harsh chemicals can also be absorbed by the mouth guard if you were to wash it in bleach! The DentaDenta UV Steriliser is the ideal device to store and sterilise any mouth piece.

About the product

Here is the inside scoop all about how the DentaDenta UV steriliser works. With it’s handy size and ability to sterilise any mouthpiece in 10 minutes, this device is ideal for using at home, work, school, or on the move!

DentaDenta have teamed up with 59S® because we share the same passion: to stay safe and stay sterilised through the power of UV light!

The UV Bag sterilises 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just minutes. Perfect for your phone, keys, wallet and mask

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