How it works

Protects against bacteria

DentaDentas UV technology kills 99% of germs found on your retainer, dentures or mouthguard.

Prevents mould and odour

Daily UV sterilising prevents the build up of mould and bad odour.

Prolongs retainer life

Avoid putting harmful chemicals into your mouth everyday.

Quick, safe and easy to use

All our products have been tested, certified and are designed to cater for your entire mouth piece cleaning needs.

To look after your teeth, you need to look after your mouth piece. Wearing unclean retainers or mouth guards can lead to mouth infections, bad breath and gum disease.
Does your mouth guard taste bad? That is caused by bacteria.
Or, after using traditional sterilising fluids, does your mouth taste of chemicals?
Looking after your mouth guard can be a right pain, and simply rinsing it might remove large clunks of mud, but it won’t sterilise 99.9% of bacteria. Harsh chemicals can also be absorbed by the mouth guard if you were to wash it in bleach! The DentaDenta UV Steriliser is the ideal device to store and sterilise any mouth piece.
  • To protect your retainers or mouth guard from germs or bacteria you need to use a safe, effective method
  • The DentaDenta UV system will sterilise and kill 99.9%of bacteria on your mouthpiece
  • Simply pop your retainer in, close the lid and wait 10 minutes
  • Tests show that the UV light kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria

The DentaDenta Method

How our UV products work

There are several forms of UV light within the spectrum of light but we use UV-C Light, which is also referred to as UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation). This form kills bacteria by penetrating the outer structure of cells, altering the DNA molecules, preventing replication and causing cell death.

UV-C light is not a new technology for sanitizing and killing germs. In fact, UV is the most natural bacteria killing source. It’s the reason why when we dry our clothes outside on the washing line they feel so fresh, the UV light has not only dried the sheets but killed all the bacteria and germs on them too.

To use your DentaDenta UV steriliser, simply place your retainer or mouth guard into the case and press the start button. When your mouth piece has finished sterilising the DentaDenta UV will beep and flash, then automatically switch off.

The unit only works when the lid is closed. If you want to interrupt the sterilising cycle, simply open the lid off and this will automatically shut off the power.

At DentaDenta we specialise in the protection and longevity of retainers, mouth guards, toothbrushes and dentures. Buy Now!
DentaDenta offers you the ideal solution for cost-effective oral cleanliness and protection.


Lengthy and intense exposure to UV light can be harmful please be assured that our products are designed with safety in mind. The UV light is contained within the case, penetrating the bacteria on your mouth piece only. When concentrated in a closed environment, it is 99.9% effective at killing bacteria.

All our products have gone through rigorous testing and have achieved international certification by SGS Laboratories.

Pollution of the environment by inorganic and organic substances has led to the adoption of UV disinfection for sterilising. The use of UV technology is simple, reliable and economical.

Product Testing

The destruction of organisms by ultraviolet is an exponential process. The higher the given exposure, the higher will be the proportion of micro–organisms destroyed. Consequently it follows that the exposure required to kill 99.9% is three times the value to destroy 90%. As our DentaDenta UV kills 99.9% of bacteria, this gives you an idea of how effective the UV light we use is.

Our UV-C light products kill 99.9% of bacteria such as :

  • Rotavirus & Salmonella
  • E-Coli & Campylobacter
  • Bed bugs, fleas and their eggs & Dust mites and their eggs
  • Staphylococcus and Pneumonia virus