Life with DentaDenta

Solving problems at any age is quite a rewarding feeling. The idea of improving our lives is hardly revolutionary, but is a process which has kept human kind chasing since time began.

The DentaDenta team are new thinkers just like you, and is the first brand in the UK to bring a new way of oral sterilision to market. Appliances such as; retainers, mouth guards, dentures and snore guards are being mis-treated, left to fester, dramatically reducing their life expectancy. Give them a fighting chance we say!

There are different forms of UV light, but we use UV-C to kill 99.9% of bacteria on any mouth piece, making sure you protect your trusty smile, as well as your oral appliance. UV-C light has been used for centuries in hospitals to sterilise equipment, but now is the time to domesticate that technology and make it available for everybody. It’s official name amongst scientists is “germicidal irradiation”, due to the bacteria zapping properties that UV-C has, but don’t worry, only your mouth piece is exposed to the light, not you.

Our leading product the DentaDenta UV-steriliser allows you to store and sterilise your mouth piece at home, school, work, or on the move!

Check out our website to find out more and to see if you could improve your oral hygiene…


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