59S® UV Sterliser Bag


Powered by our partners 59s, our UV Bag is our number one selling product for people wanting to store and sterilise items at home or when out and about. It is fully certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 3 minutes. Designed for portable use, the product as 24 UV LEDs that has a 360° sterilisation area. The unit is made from an easy-clean fabric and it’s compact so won’t take up a lot of space. .

– Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 3 minutes
– 9.5″ wide, 7.7″ high, 5.9″ deep
– Sterilises larger items
– Easy wipe-clean fabric
– Mains plug supplied
– Ideal for travel
– Convenient & portable
– Latest UV light technology




Place your item into the unit, zip it up, press the button on the front to start the 3 minute UV sanitising program.

The unit is made from an easy-clean to clean, stylish fabric and it’s compact so won’t take up a lot of space. This Portable UV Steriliser is perfect for every parent. Whether you’re heading abroad, venturing on a UK road trip, going camping, or even spending the day at the beach, our steriliser will keep important items germ free.

This is new technology, and it might be confusing to some people. So, why would you use a UV sanitizer instead of some other cleaning method? The main reason is that it’s convenient. For instance, you can use soap and water to effectively clean hard, smooth surfaces. But it’s not a great way to clean electronics, since you might damage them. Moreover, electronics often have grooves, crevices, and ports. If you miss a spot, you miss some germs. A UV sanitizer will hit the entire surface, and won’t cause your phone to short circuit.