DentaDenta Mini UV Steriliser


Our convenient DentaDenta UV Steriliser kills 99.9% of bacteria through the power of UV light, without the use of chemicals. Open it up, pop in your retainer or mouthpiece, and press on. After 10 minutes the product will then switch off automatically & your retainer is ready to use. This lightweight, portable size product is ideal for home, work, sport, or traveling. Batteries included.

Uses & Features:

– Cleaning retainers including Invisalign
– Cleaning mouthguards
– Disinfecting teeth whitening trays
– Cleaning dentures
– Cleaning Contact lenses
– Cleaning Electric toothbrush heads
– Compact & Convenient
– Latest UV light technology
– Prevents bacteria build-up



Our DentaDenta UVC steriliser helps you to keep your retainer germ-free in just 10 mins per day using UVC light technology rather than crystals & water to kill the germs & bacteria. Retainers create an ideal place for germs & bacteria to grow as they have lots of areas that easily trap food particles and moisture. If not properly cleaned, the bacteria can lead to bad breath (halitosis), gum infections, and even dental cavities. For many people, it’s the inconvenience of keeping a retainer clean on a day-to-day basis that stops them from keeping it as clean as they should.